Hello, I’m Brenda

Are you seeking change? Have you had enough of things not being right in your life? If you are unhappy, stressed or fed up with things in your life then I can help. Perhaps you are facing a crossroads and need to work out your next steps. Maybe you have a tricky decision to make or are struggling with a relationship at work or home.

I’m a qualified transformational life coach, trainer and speaker. I help people stress less and live happier, more fulfilled lives. I’m passionate about wellbeing at work and I love giving talks and running workshops to help organisations lift their staff to do great things.

I want to support as many people as possible to feel good in their work and personal lives.

Work with me

As well as personal, tailor-made coaching, I provide group training and talks to help people live their best lives – leaving behind stress, anxiety and unhappiness.


Experience the power of transformational life coaching with me online or out in nature.


I run a range of webinars and workshops on how to lead less stressed lives.


I love delivering talks to organisations on how to stress less and achieve good mental health.

Book a taster session with me to discuss whether I can help you. It’s free and there’s no obligation to go further if you don’t wish to.

What clients say

After working with me  Anna said:

“Brenda is a fantastic life coach and I recommend her wholeheartedly.  I came to the sessions with a tangled mess of feelings and problems, and it really did feel that these started to fall away very quickly and become manageable. Thank you.”