What my clients say

“Brenda has a calming effect in her coaching style & is easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable to share my patterns. We discussed different strategies to assist my day to day stress. It has helped me enormously and I use the tools she shared with me to improve my life on a daily basis when I get stuck. It was enjoyable and simple to implement and I’m very grateful and would definitely recommend.”

Tracy Marchington

“My coaching sessions with Brenda have been so helpful! She challenged my thinking patterns that have had me stuck for so long and that allowed me to make decisions around change that I haven’t seen as possible before. Highly recommended!”

Stacey Oldknow

“Brenda is a fantastic life coach and I recommend her wholeheartedly. I was lucky to have several sessions with her at a crossroads in my life, looking to untangle what felt like overwhelming issues about work and life. Brenda helped me to unpack these during sessions around my values and strengths, enabling me to explore and take control of these issues, and move forward positively. I have come to the end of this process with greater confidence and clarity and have already taken many of the steps needed to bring about change in my life.

Brenda brings many valuable qualities and gifts to her coaching – she is warm, sensitive, empathic, boundaried and respectful. Her life-long commitment to environmentalism brings a sense of perspective to the coaching process. Our sessions outside in nature really affirmed that change and transformation is possible. Thank you Brenda.”

Anna Currado

“Since working with Brenda I have felt much more positive about work. Her sessions have allowed me to reframe work in my mind and to feel much more in control about how I show up at work. As a result, I feel more focussed and engaged but less stressed, and more proud of what I am doing. If you are somebody who experiences stress or anxiety around work, or are looking to change your mindset to make work more enjoyable, I highly recommend Brenda.”

Becky P

“I came to Brenda feeling stuck, uninspired and discontent with my life, and not knowing what to do to change that. After the coaching, I now feel re-energised, with a new sense of direction for my life, and I am free of the tangle of thoughts that were always on my mind and draining me. I am so glad I decided to invest in myself, it has been worth every penny. Thank you Brenda!.”

Chloe Harrison

“When I started coaching with Brenda, I felt trapped in an extremely unhealthy relationship and overwhelmed and anxious at the prospect of a break-up. Brenda not only helped me regain my confidence and sense of individuality, but helped me go through all the potential scenarios that were worrying me and find a solution for each of them. I am now out of that relationship and in a much better place in my life, thank you Brenda!.”

Imogene T

“I’ve had the opportunity of being coached by Brenda for several sessions and I highly recommend her. I love her approach – she is empathetic and provides a safe, non-judgemental space where it is so easy to open up. I loved how she REALLY listened to what I brought to our coaching space. I was going through a transition when Brenda coached me and the sessions helped me gain clarity on the bigger picture and my next steps. I’ve made significant progress since my first session with Brenda and I highly recommend her coaching programme. ”

Kajal M Gupta

“I found Brenda to have all the qualities of an excellent life coach as she has always been understanding and resourceful, and above all, encouraging and positive. She is also deeply intuitive and warm while still being professional and organised.”

Marilyn Owen

“Brenda was warm and welcoming. She gets to the crux of the issue very quickly. I felt very safe and was offered tasks to complete to support what I learned in coaching. I would highly recommend Brenda as a coach.”

Irene S

“I have found my coaching sessions with Brenda to be both useful and pleasurable. She is an excellent listener, quietly prompting me to reflect on my rambling thoughts and then providing relevant ideas and further reading. I always feel clearer and uplifted at the end of a session. In particular, they have helped me to focus on my work life, what I enjoy and how I can shape it going forward to meet both professional and personal needs. I also appreciated the fact that the sessions were held outside, getting me away from the laptop.”

Esther Gill

“I found Brenda’s coaching very valuable with some difficult situations I found myself in. She helped me to look at things in ways I hadn’t thought of before and gave me the clarity to move forward in a more mindful way and helped me to understand and put into action some very overdue selfcare.”

Kate K

“Brenda has helped me see that self-nurturing is a key to being at peace with others. She has also helped me raise self-awareness in what I say and do so that I can start shifting my baggage. I enjoyed exploring my dreams and possibilities in a safe space.”

Viv Doussy

“I found Brenda’s coaching helpful. Although I had thought a lot about my work issue, she was able to bring clarity and helped me identify the real difficulties I was facing from among the confused mass that turns round in my head. I found her questions pertinent and the information and models she offered useful.”

Sarah F

“Brenda is completely committed to supporting and guiding clients to help improve their lives at work and home, through sharing information and techniques which she has put into practise herself. Brenda is empathic and is driven by positive outcomes for her clients and will put huge personal effort into helping them achieve their goals.”

Janyis W

“Highly recommend. I attended an informative and useful training session run by Brenda, and then had some some personal coaching which has really helped me. I’ve set some goals and am working towards achieving them. Brenda is good at what she does, she actively listens and takes great care and ensures you feel safe. ”

Rose Kigwana

“It was good to take time out with Brenda. She made me realise that I knew all along what I needed to do to help myself. Brenda helped to compartmentalise the issue, making it simpler to rationalise and rectify. I would definitely recommend Brenda to help lead a less stressful life.”

Kerry Pickett

“Brenda was lovely and created a space where I felt it was safe to open up. She showed me some very helpful breathing techniques and other tools to help with my situation.”